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The Loss in Love

Long time ago, there was a man who lived by himself. His name was Carrie. He was at the age of sixty. He had a miserable life that he had been left by his loveliest woman in his life, his wife. He loved her so much in his entire life. Unfortunately, they were separated by the chaos when the Civil war was happening. It was 1938.
It was early in the morning in Altea, Valenciana, Spain. While most people were still enjoying dreaming, Carrie was still trying to fall asleep. He spent all the time thinking of his lady. He believed in his faith that she was alive waiting for him to come. He admired her so much that she had beautiful eyes, her arched eyebrows, her nose, unforgettable smile and everything about her was beautiful for him. Moreover, the most admirable things he admired were that her cheeks were rosy. That was her name like, Rosalina. He liked them so much.
It had been almost thirty years by the end of December 1967 that she had been gone. He remembered all the moments in the last minutes they had. “Don’t ever lose your faith, Rose,” He talked to his wife wisely without losing his charismatic voice sounding. Rose just smiled at him. It was almost just a fourth of minutes when the seditious troops came along searching for the pro government citizens. They heard the noisy of footsteps outside. They noticed that it would go wrong. The surrounding sounded so panicky, and so did they. The door was knocked. Carried noticed that his wife was so much freaking out. He stroke Rose’s shoulder hoping it would ease Rose’s anxiety. “Everything will be okay Rose,” he sobered. “It will, as long as you are by my side, even death will work alright.” She agreed. She started to cry that they both got so agitated. The sound of the door knocked was getting rougher. The next five minutes, the troops had got inside with breaking down the door. They saw the fury eyes showed in the troops’. The minutes later, everything was just dark. Carrie could feel someone’s fingers covered upon his face, but when he would speak a word the hand soon sealed his lips that he could tell Rose anything. On the other hand, they still held hand each other, but then Carrie felt it was getting looser. He wondered what happened to his dear. The more he tried to turn against the stranger, the more the hold was getting tighter. Afterwards, the stranger held Carrie’s hands, thus he could not move at all. He was full of fear. The most harrowing thing was that “Where is Rose?? Is she okay??Is she alive?” He questioned himself. “How can I live my life without her presence?” he started crying, got no clue about what to do, she had disappeared.
After that dreadful night, he had not been able to find her. He really had no clue about her. The next time, after the loss, he often blamed himself. He could just sit on the lounge on the porch all day long without doing something else. He tried to reload what they used to have that they used to spend the evening together just to stare at the sky or see each other at a glance He regretted all days after she was gone.
How could he live his life without the one he would like to share life with. She always wanted that she was the one he would die with, but then the reality was that she was not by his side anymore. He always tried to find her, but after realizing that he was no longer young he decided to just sit on the lounge, only could make a wish that a miracle would come. Furthermore, time passed. Days turned to months and months turned to years.
One day, he found that he had no food at all. He had just remembered that he had not been eating for three days, and he had not been checking his food stock. He then forced himself to go to the market to buy some food though he did not want to. His stomach was getting fainter with hunger thus he speeded his steps up. He walked along the street seeing around, still wishing. “When will the world get its truly beauty again?? I’m desperate.” He muttered under his breath. While he was feeling the air he was breathing in, then soon his eyes caught a feature his wife like. He convinced himself that it was wrong, but again he still remembered every single inch his wife’s face is, every move she made. It was so much meaningful. Although it had been years, he knew it was she. He stopped himself, watching her move; it made him more certain of what he had believed. She was getting closer to the place he was standing; she stopped, stared at him, and started crying. “Carrie..???”

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