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It Was Embarrassing

It happened on Friday, the last two weeks, when my friends and I visited the center library. We looked for some books. After finding the books we wanted, we had to get involved in a quite long queue to register those books. After a few minutes, my turn came, I handed those books over the librarian. Fortunately, the librarian was a young man and has a quite cute face too. At the first, I thought that he didn’t understand what I meant. I repeated the words I had just said “Yeah, I want to borrow these books,” but then he asked me, “with this card?” “Of course, any problem?” When we want to borrow some books from the library; we have to register the books using our student identity card (KTM). As I saw the card I gave to the librarian, I felt so embarrassed. That was my ATM card, because when he explained that I gave the ATM card what I heard was that KTM, that was why I wondered who was wrong. However, when I realized it, it was embarrassing that it was me who was wrong. I didn’t know what to say at that time, it was shameful.

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