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How Pity Love Is, Sometimes

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom with full of prosperity named Far far away kingdom. It had green land, beautiful scenery, crops, animal husbandry, and all perfect things in it. The king of the kingdom was named Charles. Unfortunately, the king was so wicked. All the prosperity was owned by the king, everything. He said that it was because of him who was the king so that he could do anything he wanted and anyone who denied it would get punishment. The king had a beautiful daughter, named Claudia. She was perfectly beautiful. She had long curled hair with a small crown on it. She had arched eyebrows and her eyes reflected serenity. Her straight nose seemed to indicate that she was headed in the right direction. Her cheeks were rosy, and her lips were red and full.
In this kingdom, many soldiers were recruited every year. Every boy who had been at least 17 years old should have joined the army of the kingdom. It also would become such a prestige for those who could have joined it. Moreover, for those who were chosen by the king himself to become his guardians, it would be the more of respect for their lives of being human.
The day which was the selection day for the king to choose his own guardians came. It was the day that every soldier had been waiting for. It was Trevor, one of those soldiers who had been waiting for the day too. They were in a line, in order to be seen by the king that might choose them. Only some of them that would be chosen, and the king came, face to face with Trevor. He was absolutely trembling. “What is your name?” the king asked. “Trevor, sir!” he answered firmly. “Well, I have found another one soldier this is YOU,” said the king. Trevor was very surprised of it.
Trevor then became very famous. Not only because he was chose by the king, but also because he was so much gorgeous. Furthermore, this such of fabulousness was heard by the princess, so that she wondered to meet him. Finally, she saw Trevor, the most handsome soldier in the kingdom. No wondered, she was absolutely amazed to see him. That was the first time they saw each other. Actually, both Princess and the soldier got the same feeling. They adored each other. This was what called as love in the first sight.
After that meeting, they tried to see each other anytime they might be able. They always sought time to meet. It was not because they were too busy, but their relationship was a secret that was actually forbidden for them to have such relationship. They were in different level of society, a princess and an only soldier. Someday, they finally could see, in a secretly way.
On the other hand, in the next days, Claudia was called by her father to see him. She got no clue about what her father would do. She thought that it was nothing. She came to her father, the more she saw her father, the more she realized there was anger on her father’s face. It was really obvious that she could see what her father was trying to notice her, though she really did not know what that was.
The king said that it was a really big false that she had relationship with Trevor. The consequence was that Trevor would get punishment. The punishment would be carried on the central square.
In the next day, in the central square, Trevor faced two boxes, as the punishment. Each box had a door on it. Inside each box, there was a beautiful girl that he could marry her if he chose that one, and in the other box there was a starved lion that would straightly eat him if he chose it. He felt confused at the first. He did not know what to do. The more he thought, the more he realized that who he loved was only the princess, Claudia. He stared at the podium where Claudia could see him from it and next to her the king, sitting curiously watching the procession.
All the princess could do was only nothing, but it appeared on her face when her father glanced at her about what she begged for. She knew that it would not work. She was prevailed upon her father to accept the punishment, though inside she was bleeding. She realized that what she had done was wrong to her father. It was a really big mistake that was not easy for the king to forgive. Both Trevor and the princess were crying. Regretting the fate was not something useful, but both did it. After making up his mind and tried to convince his heart, Trevor decided to choose the box which was lion in it. He knew what he did. He knew what might the princess thought, but it would also hurt her if he chose the box with a beautiful girl. He tried to figure it out if it was a true love then it would last forever even in death their love went on. He hoped the princess would also think that way, so that they could meet again in another life.

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  1. It is a nice story, Nur. You made an interesting plot which attracts the readers to read the whole story. I enjoy reading it. :D