Genre-based Writing

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The English department

English department is one of any departments in Semarang State University. There are two majors in English Department. They are English Education and English Literature which both of them are the most wanted majors that students want to register in. The applicants that want to register in those two majors increase every year. Moreover, this department will have ISO which should be the plus point of this university. Because the certificate of ISO is such an acknowledgment of Semarang State University that it has good performance in educating students. The students are also highly regarded by other students from other faculties of Semarang State University and even students from other universities. They consider English Department of Semarang State University as a qualified major. They know that the alumnus of English Department of Semarang State University have high competence and quality. That's why this department is considered as the most wanted department. 

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