Speaking for General Purposes

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Life Is Sorrow, Overcome It.
Why do I choose this line? It’s because this line has deep sense and also deep implicit meaning. It gives us delineation about life which is not all about happiness. As we know that life, whatever happens we have to face it, no matter what, sadness and sorrow come then we still MUST face it. Sometimes, life is much more meaningful if we had felt the sorrow before. However, it doesn’t mean that all we need in life is only sorrow. Sorrow is such a thing that will spice our life, I mean it will color our life in more colorful way. Sorrow is like encouragement to make us realize that we can’t spend our life for thing such sorrow. Then, sorrow will make us aware of not being and feeling such sorrow, it will encourage us to avoid something or things that will put us in sorrow, thus we can do such efforts to make better of our life. Making better of ours is not an easy thing; it warns us that hard work is needed in this case. Life in sorrow is not only when we lost someone we loved, but in this case, there are some other conditions that can put us in sorrow. For example, if what we got is not what we expected, it will cause a problem, and then sorrow fulfills our heart. Then if we found something which is not the thing that we were looking for or even what we wanted can’t we get. Loneliness is such a sorrow, living in poverty then, it’s a sorrow. Another example is that, failure, thus we feel so down and disappointment covers us, it’s also a sorrow. I know that sorrow is something that isn’t easy to be avoided, because we usually don’t know when sorrow will come. Just like death, we don’t know it will come to our beloved one, we don’t even know when it will come to us. However, before it comes, we have to make the best of our life, loving someone we love selflessly, loving them in a great way, I mean we love them then, do anything that can make them happy, that can make them smile. Those ways will prove that love what we feel inside is a love that can become a blessing outside. Since we do of our best, regret will not come to us. Later, when something happens to them, our beloved ones, we can know that our love is something that can bring such a blessing to their life. Even if they are already in the hereafter, we can feel that our love can bring them to place where they rest in peace, thus it will cause us no regrets, and then sorrow will just leave us. Nonetheless, if we haven’t done something precious for our beloved ones, then we will regret our own life, thus regret will be a part of our life that will put us in sorrowful life. In short, we must the best of ours in avoiding sorrowful life.

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