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My Private Small Room
My boarding house’s room is my private small and comfortable room for me. It is displayed with square white ceiling covering. The three multiple with three square gathered ceilings adhere to the roof firmly; however, it makes the room itself become more elegant. The door directs to the north, as it easier to have a good position. The wall is covered with white on it; in addition, it also has a few decorations on it. The decorations are set with adhering those to the wall, such as poster, time table, lecturing schedule, and so on. There is a couple window installed which makes the room is appeared the perfectness. There is also a square black wooden shelf which adhering to the wall and there is a photograph on it, then some books are also put in it. Those books are also set precisely and also the photograph showing the innocent face of my roommate when she was a young girl increases the artistic side. Below the shelf, there is a small wooden desk and some stuff laying on it. The small wooden desk is about one in length multiple with 0.5 meters in width, and it makes the stuff on it scrambled; nevertheless the scrambled stuff which is placed spices the perfectness and again, it is such an artistic part of the room itself. Even though the room is not too large, it has its own sense in making comfortable. The comfortable comes up from the fact that I don’t have to share one bed to another roommate, since the room has two beds in it; I have mys          5
ll room.and me tight in sleeping and the comfort makes mert of the room itself. own bed to sleep. A quite big rectangular wooden cupboard stands stoutly. The floor is made of cream colored ceramic floor tiles. It increases the comfort of the room, because it looks so calm and it seems absorb the heat from the temperature of the room.  As a result, I love the way it making me tight in sleeping and also the comfort that makes me feel like home, furthermore I can endure when I study in this room.

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