Words of The Week (1)

by - 01:44

Let's enlarge your box of vocab and make your brain keep working well :p

Sumber: Ridwan Bahasa

1. Deferential /def.əren. t  ʃ ə l/ --adj. polite and showing respect
2. Furtive /fɜ.tɪv/ --adj. behaving secretly and often dishonestly
3. Wobblier /wɒb.l ̩.i/ --adj. Not certain
4. Strained /streɪnd/ --adj. If a relationship is strained, problems are spoiling that relationship
5. Daft /dæft/ --adj. silly or stupid
6. Dab /dæb/ --v. to touch something with quick light touches, --n. a light touch
7. Cunctation /kung-TAY-shunn/ --n. Delay or procrastination
8. Fard /fɑr:d/ --n. Makeup, --v. To apply makeup
9. Pricket /PRIK-it/ --n. A sharp point for holding a candle,  --n. A male deer before the antlers have branched
10. Crapulous /KRAP-yuh-luhs/ --adj. Sick from excessive drinking/eating
11. Cockup /KOK-up/--n. A complete mess, --v. To spoil

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